What is Tocha foods?

Tocha Foods is a condiment company based in Vancouver,
British Columbia. Tocha was started by two friends — Matt & Viggy — who share a passion for food and a desire to create products that elevate and enhance our daily meals.

Our first product is the Tocha Original, a tomato spiced
sauce. It was inspired by the idea of what a more flavourful and interesting alternative to ketchup could be. 

Ok, but what is a “spiced sauce”? Is it just a fancy term for a hot sauce?

No — we aren’t a hot sauce, although some may find the sauce has a mild heat.

A spiced sauce is inspired by both hot sauce and condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish) and combines the five major flavour notes (salt, sweet, spice, sour & umami) in perfect balance.

Our first product — Original — has familiar flavours of
tomato and onion, some notes of heat from fresh Fresno peppers, and an original, Indian-inspired spice blend.

What does Tocha mean?

Tocha is an original word that draws inspiration from two
different languages.

The TO comes from the Tamil word, Thottukkaradhu, which
means “to touch.” This refers to the sauces and accompaniments that traditionally share the table and pair with the main course.

The CHA comes from the Hindi word, Chutney, which derives
from the root word chāṭnā, which means “to lick”.

Simply put, we hope you touch and taste Tocha with every
meal you enjoy!

Read our Philosophy to find out more!

Is Tocha Vegan & Gluten-friendly?

Yes, we are both Vegan and Gluten-friendly. Always will be!

However, we do not currently produce our sauces in a
gluten-free kitchen.

Where is Tocha produced?

Tocha is currently produced locally in Vancouver, British

Matt and Viggy make the sauce personally, always in small
batches and using the freshest ingredients available!

Does Tocha Original need to be refrigerated?

While the Original is shelf-stable and only needs to be
refrigerated after opening, we still recommend refrigerating unopened bottles to preserve their flavour for as long as possible.

We avoid using preservatives, to create a fully natural
sauce and are in the process of conducting real-time shelf-life testing.

Currently, the unopened bottles will be good for at least 3-6 months from production and you can extend this timeline by keeping the sauce refrigerated.


P.S. - don’t worry if you leave the bottle out for a few
days after opening.

How did you pack so much flavour with so few calories and so little salt?!

Ahh, you noticed our incredibly healthy nutrition label and ingredients list, eh?!

This actually comes down to our core cooking philosophy -
when you combine all the flavour notes in perfect harmony, you need very little of any flavour (salt, sweet, spice, sour & umami), for it to stand out.

Think of how your fries taste a little extra salty after you eat or drink something —we take advantage of that exact principle to deliver that punch of flavour in the healthiest way possible!

Do you only have one flavour?

We launched in June with the one flavour (Tocha Original) but will be expanding over the coming months.

Keep an eye out for Tocha Yuzu, our more flavourful take on mustard (coming in the second half of 2024)!

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping to most of Vancouver, British
Columbia and its surrounding areas for orders over $25 (three bottles or more, in most cases).

We are also working on providing free shipping to the rest
of Canada and the US. Sign up to our newsletter for more updates on this front.

I have a problem with my order. What can I do?

We are really sorry to hear that. Please email us at tochateam@tochafoods.com and we will be in touch with you within one business day or less to resolve any issues you may be dealing with.