The Tocha Way

Every choice we made for Tocha was intentional, aimed at creating a product unlike any other. From the name Tocha, to the category of spiced sauces, to the ingredients used, and even down to the label design, our philosophy is what guides us as we create a new kind of food company.

Touch, Taste, Repeat

The word Tocha was inspired by two different languages, to reflect the history and tradition that underpin our sauce-making philosophy.


The TO comes from the Tamil word, Thottukkaradhu, which means “to touch.” This refers to the sauces and accompaniments that traditionally share the table and pair with the main course.


The CHA comes from the Hindi word, Chutney, which derives from the root word chāṭnā, which means “to lick”.

Spiced Sauce Origins

Similarly, we call our product spiced sauces, to reflect that we are neither a hot sauce nor a conventional condiment but
inspired by both to create something much better! Combining all the flavour notes, we have crafted a sauce that is perfectly spiced, bursting with umami and mild enough to be savoured by the spoonful.


In creating Tocha and spiced sauces, we have invented a new kind of condiment that you will want to touch and taste with very meal!

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Our Product Philosophy

Our sauces are made with three core principles:


Flavours in balance provide a culinary experience that is timeless. The five circles on our bottle symbolize Tocha's commitment to crafting a flavor that's rich, layered, and perfectly balanced.


You can tire of eating too much spice, sugar, or salt but when all flavours are in harmony, a little bit of each goes a long way and will have you coming back for an endlessly addictive experience.


Home cooking is healthy cooking. Tocha was created at home with ingredients found at home and made to feed the people we love.  Our core tenant is that food should fuel healthy living.


With all natural ingredients, only 10 calories, 1g of sugar, and 100mg of sodium per tablespoon, Tocha is the perfect guilt-free companion to your meals.


All whole ingredients and all words you can pronounce. Read our ingredients list here!


Our goal is to make your life simple:

  • In a rush for work in the morning? Cook up some eggs or hash browns and top with Tocha.
  • Can’t decide what to have for dinner? Make a rice bowl with chicken and veggies and top with Tocha!