People of Tocha

Tocha was started by two friends, Matt & Viggy, who met during the MBA program at the University of British Columbia.

Hailing from entirely different worlds, we bonded over our shared love of food and our desire to make better things and build better companies.


Despite earning a degree in Aerospace Engineering and working in business development at one of the premier electrical motor companies in the world (WEG), my true passion has always been in food. From helping my grandmother cook South Indian food, since the age of 4, to learning how to make pizzas and pasta from cookbooks with my mom - the kitchen has always been where I am most comfortable.


I moved to Vancouver in 2022 because I have been in love with the city since I first visited over a decade ago and dreamt of creating my first startup here.


I wanted to create Tocha to re-introduce the joy of flavour to people who think of food as a utilitarian endeavour. I firmly believe that food and the act of eating, like all things in life, is bursting with emotion and meaning. Tocha is my expression of love and warmth.


Many of my happiest moments have been spent sharing food and drinks with the people I care about most. It’s why I graduated from Cornell University’s Hotel School – to pursue a career in hospitality and provide special memories for others. So far, my path has taken me around the world from restaurant management to professional wine buying.

There’s something magical about presenting a wine or dish made with care and passion. You see people’s eyes widen as their palates are taken on a flavourful journey. We take flavour for granted in our daily lives, and people deserve more than what we are offered at grocery stores.

Like any great wine or dish I serve, I want people to create magical moments with every bottle of Tocha, no matter the occasion.